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LJ Pajama Party's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
LJ Pajama Party

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Chicks with Brains [31 Jan 2003|12:51am]

[ mood | silly ]

Ok this will be my first pajamarama posting. I MUST show these off. These new pajamas are super-cuddly soft, say "Chicks with Brains" all over AND come with these matching fantabulously furry chickie slippers. My problem is wanting to stay in them all day long. Can you blame me? It's winter. I'm home. Why wear anything else...

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Its Accessorising time, Ladies! [29 Aug 2002|09:34pm]

Fluffy Princess slippers and tiaras all 'round!

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FOOD! GLORIOUS FOOD! [07 Aug 2002|08:44am]

[ mood | hungry ]

I'm getting a wee bit peckish again. Who bogarted all the smarties anyway? Hey, stop looking at my pink, red, green and yellow lips! Let me show you what I brought to the festivities:
1 extra large jar of MARSHMALLOW FLUFF (nature's most perfect food)
several loaves of WONDER BREAD (the expiry date on the bags read: "you should live so long")
1 extra large jar of CHUNKY PEANUT BUTTER
Why, you ask?
Because we are having:


This was considered mighty good eatin' in Graceland!
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Party Ideas [05 Aug 2002|02:48pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

May we have this at the party???

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*Ahem* [04 Aug 2002|08:50pm]

[ mood | silly ]


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